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    I have since then taken my story on the road to whoever will listen. If the sharing of this unique ministry sparks an interest in you, your church, business or organization, please feel free to contact me. I will travel with the car to any place GOD calls me to go, sharing my story for HIS glory, to all who will hear.  Amen

E-mail:   ken@bullinthebasement.com

First Event:  Borgman Ford/Mazda Jan. 31 - Feb. 1 Grand Rapids MI

   The event was a huge success making the front page of the newspaper. A lot of people came to see the car thinking they were going to hear a human interest story about perseverance and dedication. They walked away with a lot more than they expected.

Car guy who built a Lamborghini Countach in his basement coming to West Michigan

Jim Harger | jharger@mlive.com By Jim Harger | jharger@mlive.com 
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on January 28, 2014 at 11:18 AM, updated January 28, 2014 at 1:16 PM

GRANDVILLE, MI – Ken Imhoff gained worldwide acclaim among “car guys” in 2008 when he unveiled the replica of a Lamborghini Countach he had spent 17 years building in the basement workshop of his home in Eagle, Wis.

Now in treatment for Stage 4 cancer, Imhoff is taking his hand-built creation on the road with a deeper message about faith, family and perseverance.

Imhoff will be displaying the car at Borgman Ford/Mazda on Friday, Jan. 31, and Saturday, Feb. 1.

It will be one of the first public appearances for Imhoff, who decided to take the car off of eBay and use it as a ministry tool instead, said Doug Redford, pastor of Men’s Ministry at Ada Bible Church.

“He had originally decided to sell the vehicle because it reminded him of all that was wrong with his life,” said Redford. “A pastor in Wisconsin got a hold of him and said that maybe that’s not what you want to do with this. Maybe this can really be used to reach guys.”

Redford, a “car guy” who said he’s been restoring an MG for several years, said he was first drawn to the story of Imhoff’s “Bull in the Basement” as an example of perseverance.

Imhoff, an engineer, drew international attention in 2008 when he hired a backhoe to remove the wall in his basement so he could extract the Lamborghini he had built from scratch since 1990.

The story of Imhoff’s obsession and craftsmanship drew the notice of legions of people who faced similar obstacles and challenges in their passion. In 2008, it was the third most popular story on the automotive website Jalopnik.com, with 527,794 page views.

“I’m making the car available as I tell my story of the real cost involved in a project like this: the cost to my bank account, home, wife, children, and soul,” Imhoff said in a news release announcing his Borgman appearance.

“The car started out as a mission without God in my life. It was an exercise of human self-centered, egotistical, selfishness that just about ended my marriage and losing our home,” Imhoff says on his website. 
“As my faith begins to grow, I realize God gave me the talent to do what I do and there is nothing wrong with that; my only mistake was not using it to glorify Christ.”

Second Event:  Men's Ministry Breakfast Ada Bible Church (Cascade) 
 Ada MI.  March 29, 2014

   I gave my testimony to over 400 hungry men at 8:30 Sat. morning at Ada Bible Church. What a turn out. Past turnouts for the breakfast has been around 150.

   I have never given my testimony to that many people before at one time. It was very comfortable with the interview style format. The guys seem to like it and my daughter Kennedy accompanied me on the trip so it was nice to have her stand up and be given honors. As you know she was the reason I came to Christ.  

    We were asked to stay another day and speak to the youth group on Sat. night as well as the Sunday morning's youth group. We took them all out to the trailer for a close up and personal message. They were studying the story of Zacchaeus the Tax Collector (Luke 19) and how Jesus forgave him of his sins. We tied my testimony into their lesson on how Jesus forgave me.  I was surprised how quickly they understood the message. Something about children and their innocence. We as adults could take a lesson here. 

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